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In most historic buildings the windows and the architectural detail surrounding them were carefully designed as integral components of the style, scale and character of the building. Windows have always played an important role in the performance of the building in terms of providing and managing light and air, and that role has expanded to include or improve occupant comfort, accessible operation, energy-efficiency, noise control, safety and security. With that in mind, the Commission’s Rules and resources are intended to accommodate a range of approaches to repairing, retrofitting and replacing windows, one of the most common work types reviewed by the Commission.

Facts and Key Considerations for Windows

  • Building owners have a variety of options to improve the appearance, energy-efficiency and functionality of windows, often reviewed and approved at staff level.

  • Some options do not require a permit. Most other options that do require a permit can be approved at staff level, and those that cannot require review and approval by the Commissioners at a Public Hearing.

  • Existing historic windows that are in fair or good condition can be repaired and retrofitted, and doing so conserves material resources and preserves authenticity. No LPC permit is required to perform most repairs and undertake many energy-efficiency upgrades.

  • Existing windows that are deteriorated and in poor condition, or are functionally deficient, can be replaced. A LPC permit is required, and for staff level review and approval the new windows must match the historic windows to varying degrees depending on the primary or secondary nature of the façade(s).

  • LPC staff can assist owners in exploring options for window repair, retrofit or replacement.

  • Window replacement options vary, ranging from sash-only replacements, to insert windows in the original frames, to full removal and new window installation.

Window Replacement Matrix

(within existing openings)

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