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Forgent Series

Forgent Series windows & doors feature a proprietary Glastra® material and thoughtful design, making them simple, convenient and easy to install. Short lead times for projects requiring windows & doors quickly make the Forgent Series a perfect choice for new construction or replacement.

  • Strong & resilient Glastra exterior with Glastra or wood interior options

  • Energy efficiency & impact performance options to meet local climate demands

  • High-performance & strength due to an advanced ladder design with multiple chambers

  • Prevents air & water infiltration with welded sash & frame

  • Selection of exterior & interior finishes including stains & paints

  • Recyclable Glastra Material  repurposed in products of other industries

Building – Strength. Jobsite Efficiency. Success.

Forgent Series windows are simple to install and feature thoughtful design, making them the perfect choice for today’s builder. These energy-efficient, durable windows reduce call-backs and provide comfortable homes from new construction to replacement projects.

In addition to the features & benefits listed above, Forgent Series products offer additional benefits for your next project:

  • Three convenient installation methods: integral nailing fin, installation clips, and screw through frame

  • Integral nailing fin requires fewer sealing points and is more rigid than an accessory fin

  • Installation clip grooves designed for easy placement of clips and faster installation

  • Glazing bead receptor helps create a clean break-point during painting & staining

  • Accessory groove allows for quick installation of exterior accessories without additional clips

  • Dry-glazed sash allows for serviceable sash & components

Two Interior Material Options

Forgent Series windows and doors are comprised of Glastra, a proprietary hybrid of fiberglass and UV stable polymer, formulated for strength and resilience. To better match your décor and performance requirements, Forgent Series products are available in two different interior materials.


The exterior and interior is comprised of Glastra with finishes available in Cloud, Sahara, Midnight or Bronze. This is our standard.


The exterior is comprised of Glastra, while the interior is Pine wood available in distinct pre-finishes including: Double Clear Coat, Latex Primer, Black Paint, White Paint, or a variety of stains.

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